Camera and My Baby

Took my camera out for fun…just because.  No plan….actually my baby’s hair wasn’t even brushed.  ;)

I’ve read that many photographers lose their joy because they don’t just shoot for fun anymore.

(All work and no play, perhaps)

I guess that can happen with anything really.  You forget why you were drawn to something to begin with.

 You get so far from where you started and all that made it something you love and enjoy.

So this year, and after, I want to remember why I love photography.

These, although imperfect, are a few candid shots I took the other day.

Everything about this little one’s self  sparkles!



Carefree and fun! Taking in the breeze and the sunshine while enjoying life so simply….





I had fun with my camera and my (not so baby anymore) baby!

If you held on this long…Thanks for reading and looking.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! You managed to capture life in still frame. I love the energy, innocence and beauty in each of you. Your work is always great but you can see that you had fun in these pictures ♥♥♥

  2. That second shot and last shot are my faves! Totally see a style coming through in these. There’s so much life and energy captured in each one. Love it and love your passion. Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

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