Head Shots, Poetry and Beauty

I got an exciting phone call from a dear friend a few weeks ago. She said she had submitted her poetry once again hoping, yet not expecting, that hers would be chosen for a Chapbook.

I am so excited for her! Thankful that her talent has been recognized and that the poetry she has been inspired to write will be printed for others to enjoy.

She then asked me if I would be interested in taking her head shots for her Chapbook….Would I be interested???? Good golly, yes!!!!!!

I was honored to be able to do this for her.  Not only for the purposes of having an image she can use for her Chapbook but more so for the time I got to spend with her.

She is talented, passionate and  kind.

I count it a privilege to know her and to be called her friend.




A woman’s heart has been described so many ways.

Each of us has walked so many different roads that shape and mold parts of our hearts in ways others may never understand.

This, in my opinion, adds so much beauty and depth that is unique and complex to each one of us.

My friend has traveled her road to this point in her life and it has added a depth and uniqueness to who I see today.







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